"Somehow we weathered and witnessed a nation that isn't broken but simply unfinished"-Amanda Gorman
The Stonington Democratic Town Committee

Who We Are And What We Do:
The Stonington Democratic Town Committee is the official organization 
representing the interests of Democrats in the Town of Stonington. Our goal is to 
encourage and support Democratic candidates for boards and commissions as well 
as our State legislative candidates and to raise money to support their efforts. 
Mission Statement:   
We support an open, transparent town government.
We encourage and work towards public participation in government affairs.
We encourage Democrats to run for once and seek opportunities to increase  
Democratic representation on boards and commissions.
We support the mission of our schools. 
We support efforts to protect the health of our natural environment.   
We believe in the dignity of all persons and are committed to the knowledge that a 
strong community is the result of the inclusive right of all persons to actively 
engage in and involve themselves in the processes of government.

Your Representatives 

Senator Richard Blumenthal 

90 State House Square

Tenth Floor

Hartford, CT 06103

(860) 258-6940

Congressman Joe Courtney

55 Main Street, Suite 250

Norwich, CT 06360

(860) 886-0139

First Selectman

Danielle Chesebrough 

152 Elm Street

Stonington, CT 06378

(860) 535-5050

Board of Finance

Timothy O'Brien Chairman

Mike Fauerbach Member

Deborah Norman Member

Bob Statchen Member

152 Elm St

Stonington, CT 06378

Senator Chris Murphy 

120 Huyshope Avenue

Suite 401
Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 549-8463


June Strunk 

152 Elm Street

Stonington, CT 06378

(860) 535-5050

Board of Education

Farouk Rajab Chairman

Sara Baker Member

Christopher Donahue Member

Craig Esposito Member

Dan Kelley Member

40 Field Street
Pawcatuck, CT  06379

District 1
Mike Fauerbach 
Samuel Grimes
Stephanie Houlihan
Elizabeth Leamon
Donald Maranell
Deborah Norman
Gene Pfeifer
Bob Statchen
William Sternberg
District 2
Matthew Berger
Camille Burlingham
Chris Donahue
Raul Ferreira
Ashley Gillece
Charlotte Kading
James Kading
Tim O'Brien
Karen O'Keefe
Farouk Rajab
Henry Bob Suchy
Janice Meagher
Joe Trelli
Edward Wilhelms
Bruce Yarnall


District 3
Neal Bobruff

Lyndsey Pyrke Fairchild
Elizabeth W. Henry


District 4
Sara Baker
Craig Esposito
Katherine Kraschel
Patricia Reardon
Kate Rotella
Terry Stefanski
Eugene Winchester


District 5
Ann Crouse
George Crouse
June Strunk
Margaret Cawley

District Map
Nick Kepple 
Andrew Maynard 
Ted Ladwig 

Scott Bates 
Joanie DeMartino 
Danielle Gutowski Mello 
T.K. Kenyon
Brendan Murphy
Rebekah Kepple
Elissa Bass
Judy Westwood
Peter Perenyi
Sharon Lynch
Jenny Brummund
Catherine Deichmann

Mark Sand
Jason Hine

Jamie Whitman
Bob Mercer
Stuart Schwartzstein
Virginia Abernathy
Alice Soscia
Peter OConnor
Nicholas Vegliante
Marty OBrien
Leon Jacobs

Pete Robinson
Bill Turner
Rosemarie Delicato 
Meghan Blanchette

Erin Gregor
Stephanie Clark  
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